About CARE


Our Core Values


  • Empowerment. Serving others with integrity and with a commitment to self-determination, we believe that survivors, active bystanders and communities are experts in their own lives. Working from a strengths-based framework allows us to acknowledge that all community members can be resourceful, resilient and unique in the face of adversity and growth.

  • Meeting individuals and communities where they are at. Because individuals come from varying life experiences with various educational, developmental and knowledge levels in violence prevention and intervention, we believe starting from a place of humility and understanding can cultivate safety and trust as we grow individually and communally.

  • Inclusivity. Being inclusive of the intersecting identities, stories, histories and experiences of various individuals and communities is critical to how we challenge oppression, violence, privilege and an individual’s experience of these issues. It's through the lens of inclusivity that we bring to light injustices, inequalities and struggles that are faced by specific communities. By being inclusive we seek to create spaces where all individuals feel included, safe, present, connected and supported unconditionally.

  • Culture of care. Cultivating respect and valuing the dignity and worth of a person is one of the ultimate goals of violence prevention. In caring deeply for others through education and advocacy, we seek to transform and elevate the value of human relationships in our community.

  • Collaboration through community. Community building is the heart of our work. We acknowledge that community progress and social change activism aren't possible without reciprocal relationships with others. Being transparent and honest in our prevention, education and intervention efforts allows for a deeper understanding of how to improve, build and expand our services, and further connect with our community and their needs.
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