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If you are in immediate danger, call 911

Get Confidential UCR Help 

Individuals who consult with confidential resources are advised that their discussions are not considered reports of sexual misconduct. Without additional action by the individual, the discussions will not result in any action by UC Riverside to resolve the expressed concerns. Unless there is risk of serious harm to others, a confidential advocate cannot share information without the express of consent of the individual. Additionally, this information is not considered an official report to UC Riverside. 

These UCR resources are confidential:

Get After-Hours Help

If you need help after hours, you can contact:


You may want to get a forensic medical exam within five days.

  • If you've been sexually assaulted within the last five days, you can get a free forensic medical exam in a local SART facility
  • You can remain anonymous and get help with or without reporting.
  • Evidence can be collected (if you choose).
  • A CARE Advocate can go with you and coordinate free transportation to and from the SART facility.
  • If you choose this option, try not to bathe/ shower, use the restroom, brush teeth, change clothes, comb hair, clean crime scene or move anything the perpetrator might have touched. If you changed, place clothing you were wearing at the time of the assault in a paper bag and take to the SART facility. Do not use plastic.

Learn more about the forensic medical exam

Get More Help

Get help with a stalking situation.

Get help for intimate partner violence

Sexual Abuse and Addiction Recovery Center





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